The road to the Fort Stevens time line is getting shorter each day, since that is the goal for completion of the TriMakazi frame. The dropouts shown are a sample of the conservative design approach taken for safety, since the best weight advantage is obtained by reducing the “engine’s” weight and not compromising the trike’s reliability. The TriMakazi is expected to weigh in the at the mid 30’s, including pedals and the heavier, but stronger, wheels that we use.

The home-grown foundry on wheels, along with the CNC creation of patterns for sand casting of the major components has been a year long effort of learning and doing.


I rode the American Diabetes Association "Tour De Cure" Today. There was a nice turnout. Plenty of parking, and impressive support from local businesses! I heard that there was another trike at the event, but never saw it. Even though I am terribly out of shape, I rode the 10K with no problem at all! The hills were moderate, but there were enough of them to keep things interesting! The downhill sections were a blast! Thanks to everyone who supported my ride through their donations to the ADA.



I will be riding in the American Diabetes Association "Tour De Cure" this Sunday in Middletown Ct. If you wish to make a donation Click the link below. Thanks for your support!

ADA Tour De Cure Donations



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